Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why Isn't My Article Published?

Tips for what may be wrong with your article (Phillips, 2015, p.1)

  • Wrong journal
  • Too long/short
  • Journalism
  • Extract from report/dissertation unadapted
  • No clear topic
  • Too little context
  • Too little theory
  • Clear gaps in literature
  • Polemical
  • Research not fully explained
  • Failure to relate findings/conclusion to aims/theory/literature
  • Language/style not checked
  • Text not proofread
  • Not 'situated' in comparative education
  • Plagiarism/legal issues

For more information see:
Philips, D. (2015). Who gets published? Comparative Education, 51(3), 303-304.

Tips for the novice - Six tips for publishing in research journals for the novice.

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